Myofascial Release (MFR)

Fascia is connective tissue that runs around and through every structure in the body. It surrounds and protects all other tissues including muscles, tendons, ligaments and abdominal organs. It is a continuous web and restriction in one part can affect the rest of the body. With myofascial release techniques using long low load stretches of the tissues form and function can be restored helping to ease pain and remove restriction.

These techniques are extremely effective where there is scar tissue following injury. It is also useful to relieve postural and compensatory muscle use and asymmetries. Horses are extremely responsive to these techniques and Oonagh uses MFR often in preference to sports massage due to its positive effect on soft tissue tension.

These techniques were developed by John Barnes

Oonagh's training for equine MFR was with Ruth Mitchell Golladay who trained extensively with John Barnes

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Oonagh is a member of the International Equine Body Worker Association, or IEBWA based in Cambridgeshire

 Oonagh Endersby, Cambridgeshire Therapist and registered Equine Body Worker