Equine Body Work

As an EEBW (Equinolgy Equine Body Worker®) she is qualified in how to administer sports massage therapy to equines. Oonagh understands the safe application of sports massage and has a very good knowledge of musculo-skeletal anatomy and has studied equine science as part of her training. Also included in her training was an introduction to dental issues and saddle fitting as well as gait analysis and postural evaluation. Oonagh does now specialise in using craniosacral and myofascial techniques as in her experience these can be the most effective when working on horses. However when working on a horse the individual circumstances are taken into account and techniques then used accordingly.

People choose sports massage for horses to support training, competition performance and for everyday riding. Massage may be found to bring relief from aches, reduce stress, increase relaxation, address anxiety and tension, and aid general wellness. It can also be used in support of other therapies to assist in the rehabilitation of muscular injuries. Bodywork may also increase stride length, soften tight muscles, ease stress on joints, tendons and ligaments from repetitive use.

Reasons to choose remedial bodywork for you horse include not tracking up, reduced mobility, a feeling that they are not quite right, change in performance, lethargy, behavioural changes, reluctance to work, incorrect strike off, above bit, tight, not haإ ppy being tacked up, change from normal or usual way of going, change of attitude and many more reasons.

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Oonagh is a member of the International Equine Body Worker Association, or IEBWA based in Cambridgeshire

 Oonagh Endersby, Cambridgeshire Therapist and registered Equine Body Worker


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