Craniosacral Therapy Association of the United Kingdom

Sports & Remedial Massage

In a typical sports massage therapy session, Oonagh will discuss your symptoms, go through medical history and desired results. There will generally be some postural and mobility evaluations before starting the bodywork.

With massage therapy, the intention is to relax the soft tissues and restore normal function. The techniques increase delivery of blood and oxygen to muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia as well as warming them which helps the body to relax.

Remedial massage may be found to bring relief from every day aches, reduce stress, increase relaxation, address feelings of anxiety and tension, and aid general wellness. It can also be used in support of other therapies such as physiotherapy or osteopathy to assist in the rehabilitation of muscular discomfort and injuries.

Sports massage uses a range of manual therapeutic techniques for the prevention, recognition and treatment of minor sports injuries. It can also be used to provide support with people wanting to maintain and improve fitness, as an adjunct to training as well as pre and post event.

Oonagh uses many advanced soft tissue techniques such as STR, MET, NMT, trigger point therapy, stretching and mobilisation techniques with postural assessment and remedial exercise to ensure the best possible results.

People choose sports & remedial massage for musculoskeletal problems and dysfunction causing discomfort or reduced mobility, for recovery from injury and to keep the body in balance.

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 Oonagh Endersby, Cambridgeshire Therapist and registered Equine Body Worker